Understand your store
through the lens of your customers
in-store analytics:
Measure, understand, optimize
Actionable insights to
increase sales

In-store analytics and engagement

RetailerIN is an advanced in-store analytics and engagement solution, able to measure and analyse in real-time and with high precision how shoppers move and interact with products in a physical store. Such data is turned into actionable KPIs to improve processes and optimise store's profitability.



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Interior Analytics

Actionable insights to optimize store daily management.

People counting

Measure footfall levels and trends.

Shoppers segmentation

Understand the store through the lens of your customers.

Dwell times

Understand the duration of shopping sessions.

The value of in-store analytics is in the deep insights it provides into your retail operations and shopper behaviors. You can then use those insights to implement changes in your operations to improve commercial performance and the overall customer experience.

Iacopo Carreras, CEO ThinkINside

We built RetailerIN using state-of-the-art big data tools and Internet of Things technology. Our secret sauce is our proprietary system for identifying sessions and providing high-quality knowledge out of noisy indoor positioning data. This is what makes our product superior.

Andrei Tamilin, CTO ThinkINside

How do I get Started

Trying out RetailerIN service is easy: contact us for a test in one of your stores and have RetailerIN running in a few days. You can then expand rapidly across all your chain in order to experience the benefits of RetailerIN analytics and services.
Our support engineers will guide you through the necessary steps in setting up a pilot.

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