Adagio Teas store in Skokie

How RetailerIN helped a US retailer to optimise the choice and position of products in the store

Case Study: Adagio Teas

This case study reports how the RetailerIN technology has been used by Adagio Teas, a US retail chain, for understanding how customers interact with products on displays.

Challenge and Opportunity

Adagio Teas is a US retail chain running four stores in the Chicago area. Adagio Teas started as an e-commerce and then moved into the brick&mortar business. Being used to access analytics on shoppers' behaviour online, Adagio Teas wanted to have the same functionality for understanding how shoppers interact with products on display in its physical stores.This data is meant to be used to optimize the choice of items to show on displays. This is long known to have a significant impact on sales; as space and customer's attention are limited resources, accessing such type of analytics could prove an important booster for overall stores' profitability.


To solve the customer's need we...

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