How RetailerIN contributed to improve the sales performance of the retail stores of a large Telco operator

Case Study: Telco Operator

This case study reports on how the RetailerIN technology was used by a large Telco operator to understand and, subsequently, improve the sales performance across its network of retail stores, complementing foot traffic data with sales and marketing information.

Challenge and Opportunity

The Telco operator was looking for a solution to: (i) complement the available information on sales, with foot traffic indicators and (ii) enhance the performance of single stores by identifying a set of best practices and recommendations based on in store customers’ behavior. In order to achieve such objectives, besides data on sales and marketing reporting, the operator needed an analysis about in-store behaviour and outside foot traffic. The chain was looking for an objective way to obtain footfall levels and derive data-driven insights.


RetailerIN technology was installed in 110 stores across the country...

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