How it Works

RetailerIN - In-Store Analytics: How it Works

RetailerIN provides the best-in-class IoT solution to extract knowledgeon what is happening inside your store. This includes the use of high-precision localization technologies for tracking assets or staff in a physical store, beacons, WiFI and cameras to detect the real-time presence of customers.
Any data collected by RetailerIN is anonymized and fully preserving the privacy of customers.
RetailerIN integrates with a number of data sources such as Point of Sale data, Staffing Schedules, Weather, etc..
All RetailerIN products are CE/FCC certified.

RetailerIN scalable data processing infrastructure is specifically designed to analyze in real-time large volumes of data coming from one or multiple stores. Data is elaborated through proprietary algorithms in order to compute the necessary KPIs. Data (both raw and processed) is stored permanently for current and future use. The infrastructure can run in the cloud in order to ensure the necessary performance and availability, but also on premise.

A interactive dashboard provides access to powerful visual analytics to explore the data elaborated by RetailerIN. The dashboard is accessible through the Web or any mobile device. It provides a concise visual summary on the store analytics computed during the week. It allows to easily understand the most recurrent customers in-store behavior, and to identify how/where to improve store operations or management.

RetailerIN technology can be used to engage with customers in store. Various engagement strategies are supported, each one targeting a specific objective. By exploiting the power of modern IoT technologies it is possible to easily create personalized shopping experiences inside your store, each one targeting a specific customers segments. It is possible to engage shoppers already from your shopping window, in order to increase the foot traffic in the store. Gamification strategies can also be used, spanning from one store to a multi-store strategy. A/B testing techniques can be used to fully understand the effectiveness of different engagement and marketing strategies.

How it Works: Grocery Stores.

RetailerIN makes use of advanced indoor positioning and sensing technologies to track with high precision (sub-meter accuracy) how customers move inside a grocery store and interact with products.

The information is processed, using cutting-edge big data tools and proprietary methods, to extract relevant indicators and objective metrics on the in- store customers' behavior, including footfall levels, movement patterns and queue analytics. These indicators and metrics are then used to build visual analytics dashboards for store and marketing managers, helping them to optimize the placement of goods, to measure the effectiveness of store layouts and to improve staff management.