Interior Analytics

“ Where do customers spend their time in my store? How long they stay? Which are the most popular departments? Which products they inspect? ”

Interior analytics allows retailers to fully understand how shoppers move inside your store, which are the hot areas or departments, as well as the most recurrent shopping journeys. This is the most relevant indicator of shoppers engagement across the store and its departments.

RetailerIN provide advanced analytics tools such as the most highly traveled routes within the store and how long shoppers remain in specific areas. Such knowledge can be extracted from the department level, down to the single product categories. This information can be analysed based on time of day and season. Once a retailer has identified store high traffic areas, they can implement specific product planning and layout strategies, placing key merchandise in these highly traveled areas to drive conversion, improve sell-through, and promote merchandise. Similarly, this information can be used to ensure the optimal performance of promotional campaigns.

RetailerIN interior analytics toolkit let retailers easily model their store, specifying departments, product categories, aisles, end caps. RetailerIN will then automatically start to compute actionable KPIs to let retailers rapidly identify:

  • optimise store layout and displays by identifying under-visited areas
  • improve customers shopping experience by identifying bottlenecks in shoppers flows and congested areas over time
  • increase engagement by creating personalised shopping experiences for specific customers segments
  • recurrent shoppers patterns
  • engagement with specific brands and promotional campaigns
RetailerIN - In-Store Analytics: Heatmap
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