Staffing Optimisation

“ How do you best align staffing to traffic volumes and store operations, while preserving a good store performance? ”

Through RetailerIN you can adjust staffing levels within the store based on shoppers volume. This can significantly improve the store performance focusing on the right activities at the right time. Based on shoppers presence, it becomes possible to:

  • reposition sales associates across departments or locations, based on customers presence in the store
  • prioritize the activities to perform in the store in order to maximize store operations while preserving an adequate customer support
  • re-allocate shifts to align with traffic patterns to improve service levels and maximize conversion, sales, and profit
  • receive real-time alerts when a traffic peak is detected

Staffing optimization works both at the store level, but also by department. RetailerIN metrics can determine traffic peaks in specific resource-heavy departments and suggest how to best serve such department during traffic peaks. Re-allocating shifts to allows to reduce costs, while providing an optimal customer experience drives to improve conversions.

RetailerIN - Staffing Optimisation
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