This whitepaper reports RetailerIN in-store marketing services and explains how they represent a competitive advantage for supermarkets.


E-commerce has profoundly changed the behavior and purchasing habits of consumers also in the food sector, not only because it represents a way to shop comfortably from home but also because e-commerce offers a lot of information on products and is able to customize the shopping experience with personalized offers and suggestions. However, most consumers consider the experience inside the traditional supermarket the most important channel when making a purchase, feeling the need to touch and see the products of interest, while also seeking all those advantages available online.

The integration between the physical and digital world therefore constitutes an extraordinary experiential innovation for the customer, who can thus have more information on the products, a highly personalized shopping experience and functionality capable of making the shopping activity the most dynamic and easy as possible.

One way of integrating the physical world with the digital one is through in-store marketing services that allow you to interact with customers in the store by suggesting products, offers, information and services based on their past preferences and location.

Through in-store marketing services, the retailer will be able to influence purchasing decisions, while consumers will be able to receive the same informative and personalized approach as online.


RetailerIN through in-store marketing services allows to convey highly personalized types of content and make the shopping experience more dynamic and engaging for the consumer through interactive shopping lists, game dynamics and much more. The customer will thus be able to take advantage of an informed and personalized shopping experience, and the retailer, by conveying information and content in line with the individual needs of the customer and with its location within the store, will be able to increase sales by improving profitability. of the supermarket.

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